Studio Engagement Portrait Sessions

studio portrait wedding

I’ve bounced back and forth with the idea of studio portraiture and wedding photography. It is an integral part of my photography background, as I often mention during consultation, but not something couples typically (important word here) give thought to. A part of the reason for this is the market and social media. How do you know what you want for your engagement session when you don’t know it exists? If you can’t find it, you might settle for is currently available (remember a time before oat milk?)

When you meet a bride who wants to swim against the current, knows what she wants, and follows her intuition to hire me, it is humanly rewarding. It feeds one’s soul. Let’s work together because you have a vision and we have something to prove against tired trends.

Below are a couple of final selects from a recent shoots. I looked for subtlety through body language, rather than hitting the viewer over the head with the oft seen themes when people search for engagement photos (bright colors, matching colors, props).

los angeles studio portrait weddinglos angeles studio portrait wedding

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