Leslie + Vi: Altadena Town & Country Club Wedding

In early October, I found myself back at the Altadena Town & Country Club for Leslie and Vi’s wedding, half a year after our engagement session together.

With this post, I went a bit harder with the candids. They are always a focus of mine, but I feel like I don’t share enough of them. Maybe I spent too much time directly under the 100ºF afternoon sun, but I noticed my mood was great. I was having a blast running around, people-watching, and challenging myself as a photographer. You might note in some scenes the presence of face masks, another reminder of the times we’re in!

I make a tiny cameo in one of these photos via front-facing camera on a video call. Enjoy your ten seconds of Where’s Waldo (Where’s Steve-o?) 🙂

Altadena Country Club wedding bridal prep
Altadena Country Club wedding candids
Altadena Country Club wedding groom portrait
Altadena Country Club wedding first look
Altadena Country Club wedding first look
Altadena Country Club wedding portrait
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Show & Tell – footwear for wedding photography

Me and my preferred boots for weddings in this episode. These are uncut, unedited because I like to demonstrate my thought process, gaffes and all.

Ngoc + Sean: An Intimate Pasadena Wedding

I often interpret a wedding as a collection of simultaneous stories involving the couple and their family and guests, yet there’s nothing wrong with a couple being the entire story when there are no guests as we slowly try to exit a global pandemic. Ngoc and Sean visited from NorCal to have their (micro) wedding in Pasadena, where you can find Spanish Colonial Revival architecture and Eastern aesthetic just a few miles apart from one another. Respectively, we visited Pasadena City Hall for portraits and witnessed their ceremony at the Storrier-Stearns Japanese Garden.

They did have one officiant/maid of honor/best friend who showed her dedication to Ngoc through her active involvement the entire day. In the details, they styled their wedding with Totoro and Sailor Moon to showcase their personalities and interests that they bonded over.

However big or small, an event is always worth documenting for those who are celebrating. In the democratization of digital photography, with endless scrolls and unfathomable amounts of data generated per second, I like to think I’m taking my time to craft something. I share photos from various weddings here with my audience, but no matter how proud I am or how many likes they get, the photos will always matter most to the couple, who will always have these memories to look back on.

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