Sometimes people ask me to tell them a bit about myself and I’m not always so eloquent when it comes to said subject matter. Consider this your primer to Stephen Tang.

  • I love cats and dogs (and birds and more). My dog is a mini-poodle mix and a rescue named Odie. Sadly, I don’t go to many weddings with pets but maybe my luck will change!
  • I bring sunscreen and vitamins with me on all shoots.
  • 会说中文.
  • Once upon a time, I produced the winning submission for a Simpsons contest. The video aired on national television and I have a picture with Matt Groening from that experience (he bent his knees for the photos because he’s much taller me).
  • Going beyond the call duty, I usually find myself responsible for tying bow ties (no clip-ons please) and pinning on the boutonnieres at weddings. Jack of all trades?
  • People often point out that my humor is very dry.

While some photographers emphasize their gear or trendy post-processing, I take pride in subject-photographer interaction – the relation I build with clients, picking up on nuances in pose and expression while we shoot, anticipating the viewers’ response – because ultimately, that’s how photographs that matter to us are created.

I’m a native New Yorker currently in Los Angeles, though still available to serve the East Coast (and beyond). Drop me a line!

Stephen Tang
(917) 300-8264

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