About Me

I take pride in subject-photographer interaction–the relation I build with clients, picking up on nuances in pose and expression while we shoot, anticipating the viewers’ response because ultimately, that’s how photographs that matter to us are created.

Stephen Tang Photo

Fast facts:
– I love cats and dogs (and birds and more). My dog is a mini-poodle mix and a rescue named Odie.
– Once upon a time, I produced the winning submission for a Simpsons contest. The video aired on national television and I have a picture with Matt Groening from that experience (he bent his knees for the photos because he’s much taller me).
– Going beyond the call duty, I usually find myself responsible for tying bow ties (no clip-ons please) and pinning on the boutonnieres at weddings. Jack of all trades?
– People often point out that my humor is very dry.

I’m a native New Yorker currently in Los Angeles, though still available to serve the East Coast (and beyond). Let’s talk!

Stephen Tang
(917) 300-8264