Aiyana + Peter: Venice Beach Engagement

Overcast day at Venice Beach? Gotta throw whatever color you can get into the frame! As much as I’d love to have the vibrance the full sun provides, one of the biggest parts of the job is playing the hand I’m dealt. Aside from lighting, the most important part of a photo is whether theContinue reading “Aiyana + Peter: Venice Beach Engagement”

Liz + Justin: LA Arboretum Engagement

Since our first meeting, I got to know Liz and Justin more closely during our engagement session at the LA Arboretum. One’s a creative, the other a scientist, much like another couple I worked with recently! Every shoot, regardless of experience, requires some warmup. I sometimes use this as an opportunity to try my handContinue reading “Liz + Justin: LA Arboretum Engagement”

Alexis + Jason: Barnsdall Art Park Engagement

This year, I sought new inspiration for outdoor engagement portrait sessions. When it comes to outdoor photography, I can’t always control circumstances like how harsh the sun is. I can, however, recommend ideal times and game plan. At Barnsdall Art Park, we did not have a huge outdoor space to work with. Amateur me, tenContinue reading “Alexis + Jason: Barnsdall Art Park Engagement”