Wayfarers Chapel Wedding (A Study in Pink… Green, and Blue)

Wedding portrait Wayfarers Chapel - Stephen Tang Photo

I am an introvert. An unapologetic, low-talking, low-key introvert. My photos deliver my message and I love what I do. I may not be the bubbly, high-energy social media presence some people have come to expect of wedding photographers, but I am devoted to building genuine rapport with everyone I meet. I am far from the loudest person in the room, but I am always reading the emotions around me to translate them into the vast majority of my photos. I am not clique-y with photographers that group by camera brand, gender, or ethnicity (sorry, they exist!). Rather, I embrace my growing up in an environment that celebrated diversity. My inspiration is not so much other weddings, but real life.

I love a photo that is well-timed and technically sound. Some historically recognized photos and institutions known for their stringent criteria, such as National Geographic and Magnum Photos, exemplify these traits.

Naturally, given the opportunity to be myself, and truly just myself at a wedding, allows me to shine my brightest. I fell in love with the this day and the photos I was able to produce. There were no other voices chiming in for photos or video, no reenactments. This is triple-distilled, single-origin Stephen Tang, not the blended stuff. If you’re a storyteller, this is what you live for – sitting front row and center to perform your craft.

Wedding Venue – Wayfarers Chapel

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