Wedding in Long Island

On a very memorable day, we had a brush with the tropical storm formerly known as Hurricane Joaquin. It was maybe day three or four of consecutive rain and good reason to worry. The day aged beautifully and the rain eased up, however, for this wedding in Long Island.

The very beautiful church is St. Joseph’s Catholic Church of Babylon. The reception took place at Chateau Briand of Westbury, providing an exceptional number of options for photographs. I put the bridal party through their paces and they gave me 110% hoisting the bride and striking statuesque poses against a blue lit background (Kill Bill, anyone?). The bride made sure I ate, her reason being that they’re Italian and that’s how weddings are supposed to be done.

Long Island Wedding 04

Long Island Wedding 08
Long Island Wedding 12

A Sweet, Intimate Manhattan Wedding

For this colorful and intimate Manhattan wedding, friends and family of the couple pitched in to help set up and make the day come true (and officiate!). In addition, there were plenty of personal touches like homemade cupcakes, custom card decks, and heartwarming speeches that made for a memorable celebration. Also, snakes were handled at Washington Square Park.

Special thanks to my second photographer – Adeline Ramos!

Hair and Makeup – Lindsey Howard
Venue – Greenwich Project

Custom deck of cards wedding favor
Bride prep manhattan wedding
Bride putting on wedding dress black and white

Cupcake diptych
Cupcake diptych
Washington mews wedding portrait
Washington mews wedding portrait
Washington mews wedding portrait
Washington square park wedding portrait with snake
Washington square park wedding portrait with snake

Washington mews wedding portrait

Crowd Pleasing Ain’t Easy

The ceremony to this beautiful wedding day took place in the beautiful Fordham University Church. The couple, as well as their guests, were also really nice to me and there was a personal touch to everything, including a pizza delivery at the reception. Stephen Tang loves pizza (my #3 craving). Who doesn’t? A local pizza maker in the Bronx delivered a beautifully crafted heart-shaped pie. Some time during all the partying, these two big guys on the dance floor wanted to pick me up on their shoulders and that’s exactly what they did. First time for everything! This should happen at every wedding. I weigh next to nothing and I was a total crowd pleaser (always am anyway :P)!

Photo of me riding the wave courtesy of Adeline Ramos!

007 09-27

008 09-27

002 09-27
09-27 me

001 09-27

006 09-27

Heart-shaped pizza
Don’t judge me. I love pizza.