Tuba & Dylan: Downtown LA Wedding at Perch

Tuba and Dylan opted to hold their wedding in Downtown Los Angeles at the visually delightful Perch. As a photojournalist, the details that resonated most with me were the emotions and personal touches – matching henna for the bridesmaids, two-piece wedding dress, conscious decision to pick a location that added to their guests’ experience. WeContinue reading “Tuba & Dylan: Downtown LA Wedding at Perch”

Nora & Alfredo: Pasadena wedding

Nora and Alfredo are SoCal natives and wanted to get celebrate nearby their with their families and closest friends. They held their ceremony at St. Andrew’s church, a historic and visually striking parish. Their reception took place at the Masonic Temple, another historic building in Pasadena. The local culture is a big part of whoContinue reading “Nora & Alfredo: Pasadena wedding”

Wayfarers Chapel Wedding (A Study in Pink… Green, and Blue)

I am an introvert. An unapologetic, low-talking, low-key introvert. My photos deliver my message and I love what I do. I may not be the bubbly, high-energy social media presence some people have come to expect of wedding photographers, but I am devoted to building genuine rapport with everyone I meet. I am far from the loudest personContinue reading “Wayfarers Chapel Wedding (A Study in Pink… Green, and Blue)”