Sarah + Ron: LA Arboretum Wedding

LA Arboretum Wedding Portrait

Here’s one more post for the end of a memorable wedding season with a celebration at the LA Arboretum! I’ve been there countless times for engagement sessions, but documenting a wedding reception has been an all-new experience. While Sarah and Ron were a lot of fun to follow around, I rightfully credit their guests for taking the day to the next level.

I don’t like to force things, but I think there are a few rules when it comes to spontaneity. Authenticity comes from surrounding yourself with the people you want at your celebration. It’s been 11 or 12 years now(?) and the candids are still my favorite part of the day. Whether it’s a stealthy capture or subjects’ playful acknowledgement of the guy armed to the teeth with cameras.

Now, there remain a handful of other places around Pasadena I’m hoping to check off of my list. Try me!

Venue – LA Arboretum
Planner – Ann’s Enchanted Events
Florals – Carla Holt Floral Designs
Cake – Lulu’s Custom Cakery

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