Rekha + Bethany: Saguaro Palm Springs Wedding

Saguaro Palm Springs same-sex wedding

Prior to Rekha and Bethany’s wedding, I’d never been to Palm Springs before, so getting to visit a new destination was the cherry on top. To no one’s surprise, this is a very colorful set of photos, from the Saguaro’s vibrant venue down to the wedding party’s outfits.

After the sun set, making my own light really helped to capture all of the portraits and moments at reception. I am still a fan of working in the dark after many years, so the long daylight hours of summer might have me reminiscing.

Also, it’s just great to see people enjoying themselves again. Not trying to stir up controversy or anything, but real expressions are a key part of photojournalism. Smartphones and masks have been extra layers I need peel away to do produce some of my best work.

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