Reflections on 2020 and the new year

For the most part, I’ve activated my inner hermit since April. Those who have met and hired me perhaps know I don’t usually care for excess in words or photos. However, keeping quiet this long (a personal record for me) can be mistaken for being out of the game. January was off to a strong start but we all know what came soon after. I’m thankful to my early clients as well as those who have rescheduled and booked me for next year as I know we’ve all had to put our plans and goals on hold in 2020.

Before this year, I was prone to expletives while balancing life and work during the wedding season, but I genuinely miss being in the middle of all the chaos that a wedding day can be and haven’t share that sentiment with anyone. I cursed the cost, equipment failures, and extra hours associated with shooting on film, but, damn, I love and miss the results. I’ve never been the biggest fan of taking traditional family photos, but I am humbled by how much it means to couples and their families (and have been informed so following an unexpected death). There were lots of great perks in the work I do that I can’t wait to experience once more.

The way things have been going in California and nationwide, I think it’s going to be slow for another half-year before it picks up. For now, I am keeping my gear warm (figuratively… heat’s bad for electronics) and hoping that we get through this pandemic soon. Stay safe and thank you for listening, reader.

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