Chantal + Stephen: Malibu Wedding

Malibu Wedding sunset bride and groom portrait

I had the pleasure of joining Chantal and Stephen to celebrate their wedding in Malibu in November. Atop a foothill on a private estate, there was a sense of seclusion from the rest of the world while surrounded by ocean views, blue skies, and stretches of hills.

The sunset was certainly a sight to behold. While it’s nice being on flat lands and all most of the year, the elevation we had exclusive access to some surreal photos, which I could not help but take advantage of. Despite another event going into the late fall evening, once again it felt more like a hot summer wedding. Direct sunlight was something I had to compete with most of the day. With this in mind, I am elated (okay, a bit surprised too) at how some of the most technically challenging photos turned out.

In addition to still photography, I also directed and cut a highlight video for the married couple. One nice thing about being versed in a related discipline is that my vision and game plan for video was highly precise, whereas in my early days, I would have been a bit scattered in what I captured and edited. All of this time committed to photography seems to have paid off some dividends! (video to come when I have a moment to upload)

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