Wedding in Laguna Hills + Mission Viejo

Sometimes, it’s a little bit of chaos being a part of the bridal prep. From the second I arrive, I’m already working up a sweat in a dress shirt and neck tie and I dive right into anticipating reactions while making sure not to be in way of the twelve other people in the hotel suite.Continue reading “Wedding in Laguna Hills + Mission Viejo”

Marina del Rey – LMU + California Yacht Club

Some days you steal a few moments wherever you can find them, other days like these, you have some extra time and a relatively small bridal party, allowing us the luxury of making plenty of portraits. Bride being a fan of candids and portraiture scores bonus points. In recent posts, I feature a lot of walking together downContinue reading “Marina del Rey – LMU + California Yacht Club”

Wedding in downtown LA – Los Angeles Athletic Club

A few moments from a wedding at the Los Angeles Athletic Club. Everything took place at the same location, albeit on different floors. These layers to the venue make a really nice visual story and I picked shots that had layers of their own, whether it’s the ceremony on the rooftop or the first danceContinue reading “Wedding in downtown LA – Los Angeles Athletic Club”