Kelley + Brandan: Orcutt Ranch Wedding

If you ever want to impress a wedding photographer (which really should be your goal when you’re planning, since we see so many weddings!), consider a custom touch to your outfit such as camera dial cufflinks. Brandan comes from a family of photographers so it was only natural that he created his own cufflinks fromContinue reading “Kelley + Brandan: Orcutt Ranch Wedding”

Ashley + Ryan: Salvation Army Crestmont College Wedding

In the film and photo industry, you sometimes acquire access to a location you might not otherwise ever get to visit. The Salvation Army College for Officer Training at Crestmont, where this wedding occurred, is one of those places. It comes with Rancho Palos Verdes’ perfect weather and views. It also houses select scenes thatContinue reading “Ashley + Ryan: Salvation Army Crestmont College Wedding”

Sarah + Dylan: Wedding at Hartley Botanica

Sarah and Dylan reached out to me last Fall for their wedding at Hartley Botanica. Being from the East Coast like me, they wanted a venue lush with greenery, a more common sight from the other side of the country. It’s one those things we miss out here in LA like good pizza and bagelsContinue reading “Sarah + Dylan: Wedding at Hartley Botanica”