Chantal + Stephen: Malibu Wedding

I had the pleasure of joining Chantal and Stephen to celebrate their wedding in Malibu in November. Atop a foothill on a private estate, there was a sense of seclusion from the rest of the world while surrounded by ocean views, blue skies, and stretches of hills. The sunset was certainly a sight to behold.Continue reading “Chantal + Stephen: Malibu Wedding”

Reflections on 2020 and the new year

For the most part, I’ve activated my inner hermit since April. Those who have met and hired me perhaps know I don’t usually care for excess in words or photos. However, keeping quiet this long (a personal record for me) can be mistaken for being out of the game. January was off to a strongContinue reading “Reflections on 2020 and the new year”

JoJo + Na: Ebell Long Beach Wedding Portraits

Once in a while, couples ask me for recommendations on things like locations. In this instance, I threw out the Ebell of Long Beach for wedding portraits as a suggestion and they said agreed to it! The Ebell of Long Beach houses a beautiful interior with iconic tile work in the main hall. Said mainContinue reading “JoJo + Na: Ebell Long Beach Wedding Portraits”