Brooklyn Botanic Garden Engagement Photos

brooklyn botanic garden engagement photos
A couple of photos from an engagement session at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden earlier this summer. This place is a fantastic feast for the senses offering flower gardens, beautiful rows of cherry blossom trees, and more for all you botanists out there. I’ve been here several times for portraits, but not yet for weddings. This setting was a bit off the beaten path, as there are so many photo opportunities throughout the park, beyond the tried and true main attractions.

A Sweet, Intimate Manhattan Wedding

For this colorful and intimate Manhattan wedding, friends and family of the couple pitched in to help set up and make the day come true (and officiate!). In addition, there were plenty of personal touches like homemade cupcakes, custom card decks, and heartwarming speeches that made for a memorable celebration. Also, snakes were handled at Washington Square Park.

Special thanks to my second photographer – Adeline Ramos!

Hair and Makeup – Lindsey Howard
Venue – Greenwich Project

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Portraits in the Conservatory Garden

The days are getting shorter and it’s back to school time again. I get the blues around this time each year but great company always turns that frown upside down. These photos are from a portrait session where this sweet couple brightened up a cloudy day. We started in the Conservatory Garden, a quiet gem of a spot, and toured down south into the more populous areas of the park. Despite the weekend crowds, there are always some cute spots to carve out and share a moment together. Yes, she did lift him up off the ground!