Leslie + Vi: Los Angeles Arboretum Engagement

One of the not-so-hidden treasures on the east side of Los Angeles is the LA Arboretum and it feels great to getting back into my rhythm. The sheer variety of scenery takes you on a journey across several continents in a single visit. If the park is good enough for a Katy Perry music video,Continue reading “Leslie + Vi: Los Angeles Arboretum Engagement”

Meaghan + Scott: Riviera Mansion Wedding

A drive Los Angeles up to Santa Barbara, this time for a wedding at the Riviera Mansion, always does tired bones some good (jesting lightly). In my mind, only California can pull off an outdoor dinner in the fall with such grace. This soiree forwent tradition and had a certain untraditional flair I am soContinue reading “Meaghan + Scott: Riviera Mansion Wedding”

JoJo + Na: Ebell Long Beach Wedding Portraits

Once in a while, couples ask me for recommendations on things like locations. In this instance, I threw out the Ebell of Long Beach for wedding portraits as a suggestion and they said agreed to it! The Ebell of Long Beach houses a beautiful interior with iconic tile work in the main hall. Said mainContinue reading “JoJo + Na: Ebell Long Beach Wedding Portraits”