Engagement Session at Colorado Street Bridge

Most of the year, you expect blue skies in SoCal. When your timing is right and have a session in between the rain clouds, you get the soft sort of natural light reminiscent of the Pacific Northwest. Not only that, the rain brings in new growth with lots of leafy plants shooting up through theContinue reading “Engagement Session at Colorado Street Bridge”

Jennifer & Jordan: Classic Hollywood Engagement Portraits

When I met Jennifer and Jordan, they had a clear idea of what they wanted before they even hired a photographer. However, they had not yet found a wedding photographer who could do more than just environmental and available light portraits. They liked the way that I use shadows in my wedding work, but they didContinue reading “Jennifer & Jordan: Classic Hollywood Engagement Portraits”

Griffith Observatory Engagement Session

Sunsets are great. As is cool architecture. Crowds, on the other hand, are not my favorite thing. We waded through the sea of people to emerge through the surface of the very popular Griffith Observatory. For a crowded space where you do want to include the environment, put some space between the subjects and theContinue reading “Griffith Observatory Engagement Session”