Alexis + Jason: Barnsdall Art Park Engagement

This year, I sought new inspiration for outdoor engagement portrait sessions. When it comes to outdoor photography, I can’t always control circumstances like how harsh the sun is. I can, however, recommend ideal times and game plan. At Barnsdall Art Park, we did not have a huge outdoor space to work with. Amateur me, tenContinue reading “Alexis + Jason: Barnsdall Art Park Engagement”

Leslie + Vi: Los Angeles Arboretum Engagement

One of the not-so-hidden treasures on the east side of Los Angeles is the LA Arboretum and it feels great to getting back into my rhythm. The sheer variety of scenery takes you on a journey across several continents in a single visit. If the park is good enough for a Katy Perry music video,Continue reading “Leslie + Vi: Los Angeles Arboretum Engagement”

Studio Engagement Portrait Sessions

I’ve bounced back and forth with the idea of studio portraiture and wedding photography. It is an integral part of my photography background, as I often mention during consultation, but not something couples typically (important word here) give thought to. A part of the reason for this is the market and social media. How doContinue reading “Studio Engagement Portrait Sessions”