Liz + Justin: University Club of Pasadena Wedding

Following up on an engagement session from last year, Liz and Justin said their “I dos” and made it official at the University Club of Pasadena. When we stepped outside for a few portraits, we had palm trees and a curb packed with parked cars. I tried getting a photo without the cars, and some with. It’s obvious which composition I stuck with. It just felt right when it came to editing. To me, it doesn’t get anymore Los Angeles than that.

Venue – University Club of Pasadena
Coordinator – Platinum Posh Planning

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Erika + Spencer: Wedding at Bistro 45 Pasadena

Though this wedding forewent the dances and formalities we’ve come to expect in favor of food, conversation, and company, nothing was lost in the celebration of Erika and Spencer’s joining of hands. If anything, the low-key experience enforced how dear the couple was to their tight-knit group of guests.

I’m often asked what I would do in a variety of situations. Once again, at a less structured wedding, it’s watching the guests and telling the story through them.

It’s been nice keeping things local in Pasadena as of recent. From Bistro 45, I tasted and acquired new inspiration to apply to my own cooking. Not that I can control where the work brings me, but I hope to visit more local spots through my clients’ indirect recommendation.

Venue – Bistro 45

Matt + Brian: Skirball Cultural Center Wedding

Two tight knit families, a gorgeous venue, a cast of colorful characters. The day is loosely structured. I get to roam freely and be a fly on the wall. At times, the simple get togethers are the ones that shake my nerves a bit, as I have to be sharper than usual while crafting a story.

I have a loose formula for good photos. Space, light, time. More often than not at events, I can only exert control over the first two. At Matt and Brian’s wedding, I found myself bending all three quite often. I even dusted off a technique I haven’t used in a while and produced a few panoramas of the Taper Courtyard at the Skirball.

Admittedly, I felt a bit sad once we reached the end. The food and conversation at table two, though short lived for me, was a treat. I shared company with a former Jeopardy contestant and a fellow cook who also enjoys serving up Chinese cuisine by wok. I hope I’ve successfully conveyed my inspiration through this set of photos.

Venue – Skirball Cultural Center
Florals – DB Creativity
Cake – SusieCakes

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