A One-Month At-Home Session

I’m invited to homes quite a bit when it comes to weddings. Observing someone in their private space, where they can be themselves, is a privilege to a storyteller. Everyone puts on a performance to some degree when there’s a camera present, but it’s my role as one human to another to break the walls down to share how I see my subjects. Maybe there are fewer walls at someone’s home versus in a public space, but there is still a proper approach to earn their trust. I often have my own nostalgic moments, so I’d like to think I have a knack for homing in on family photos and mementos in peoples’ homes that tell me more about them.

It is especially nice to continue with a past story. I photographed JoJo and Na’s wedding at the beginning of 2020. We reconnected to celebrate their newborn daughter’s first month. We got to talk about how we’ve all changed since last seeing each other. As a family man myself, I’ve discovered a newfound appreciation for photographing young families. One needs to have endured the hardships of parenthood themselves in order to understand the array of emotions new parents go through! Perhaps I am seeing my recent self as I take these photos. Enjoy!

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Aiyana + Peter: Cabrillo Pavillion Santa Barbara

Admittedly, Aiyana and Peter are younger than most couples I work with. The chemistry between two people is what it comes down to when I’m documenting their story. That, and choice in music. They pulled off a surprise first dance to a Missy Elliot track from my yesteryears. I knew Lose Control’s still a banger and totally didn’t need today’s youths to validate my taste in music.

There are so many small moments where they are unabashedly themselves, whether it’s Aiyana with the Sour Patch Kids, or their florals in the iconic orange home improvement buckets, that it’s hard to pick a favorite. Hence, a photoessay, right? These are my humble observations as a fly on a wall of all these emotions and observations packed into a single day. Please enjoy.

Venue – Cabrillo Pavilion
Planner – Dalina Klan

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Angela + Lysander: LA Arboretum Engagement

I keep coming back to the LA Arboretum, and for good reason. The experience always teaches me something. In this case, it taught me about my past self. These posts are always introspective in some part and embody the growth mentality I openly embrace. You’ll always find me in the journey towards something, whether it has to do with my craft or something seemingly unrelated that will inevitably hone my craft. There are bits about my journey I always enjoy sharing. Go ahead, ask and try me!