Backyard Wedding in Fullerton

It’s been a while since I’ve shared content from California but here you go. This wedding was at a private residence, where they transformed a backyard into an outdoor ceremony space, and afterward, a reception space. This is different from many weddings I’ve been to but I really liked how laid back and personal it felt. Weddings come in all shapes and forms, but I think we should all value the experience over trying to cram as much of anything possible into it (e.g. photos, guests, scheduled activities).

03 Fullerton Wedding05 Fullerton Wedding
The couple was big on DIY, as you can see in their choices for the bouquet and decoration. Their invitations were prints of artwork painted by the bride. I often look for custom details as options for photographing rings.

13 Fullerton Wedding06 Fullerton Wedding08 Fullerton Wedding09 Fullerton Wedding
The night ended with a couple of pyrotechnic displays. The smoke from the mini fireworks does something pretty cool to lights but remember to only set them off in an open, outdoor space!

11 Fullerton Wedding

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