Aiyana + Peter: Venice Beach Engagement

Venice beach mural engagement portrait

Overcast day at Venice Beach? Gotta throw whatever color you can get into the frame! As much as I’d love to have the vibrance the full sun provides, one of the biggest parts of the job is playing the hand I’m dealt. Aside from lighting, the most important part of a photo is whether the moment was captured. For portraits, the moment is the chemistry, how two people found themselves getting married. This session was an exercise in using environment to get that extra pop we needed.

We worked some of the street art local to Venice into our engagement session. Even though I found the palettes I needed, there were certain high contrast images that worked so well in black and white. It’s refreshing to have some natural negative space sometimes. The rest of work became about depth in my compositions as we ventured to the canals and then through some alleyways.

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